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Arivia creates new experiences, connections, and possibilities through technology.

Your world, Remastered.

Arivia is a diverse group of creators and entrepreneurs who build technologies that challenge and disrupt the status quo. Our team is greater than the sum of its parts because we bring out the best in each other.

Collectively our aspiration is to radically transform the world through innovation with speed and scale. No problem is too big or hard for us.

Our Product

Munch - Eat in or take out, it’s always fun.

Munch is a digital restaurant platform that creates better customer experiences. It is time to innovate and move beyond paper menus.

Patrons order and pay on their personal mobile phones using our menu app or through chatbots inside Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp or Telegram.

The Munch PoS gives restaurants a cloud-based Point-of-Sale with dynamic menus and valuable analytics about their customers to personalize their experiences on future visits.

Munch Menu App

Munch Munch Menu App

Munch Point-of-Sale

Munch Munch Point-of-Sale

Munch Portal

Munch Munch Portal

Munch ChatBot Waiter

Munch Munch ChatBot Waiter

Munch Mobile PoS

Munch Munch Mobile PoS

Munch Wearables

Munch Munch Wearables